11 May 2007

Love You Forever

Author/Illustrator: Robert Munsch

In honour of the upcoming Mother's Day, I present you with a picture book classic that is guaranteed to make you choke up. Yes, it's kind of cheesy, the illustrations aren't that spectacular, and the plot is very predictable, but none of that matters. You know what Munsch is trying to do from the get-go, but you are powerless to stop him.

It's exactly like watching a horror movie where you know that it is getting "all-too-quiet" as the characters venture deeper and deeper into the basement of the sinister old house. You know the director has something nasty in store for you, but no matter how much you prepare yourself for the inevitable bloodbath, you still end up jumping when the serial killer leaps out with a knife and slashes away to a soundtrack of screeching violins.

Same thing here. You know that Munsch is going straight for your emotional jugular with his nostalgia-tipped dagger, but there's nothing you can do about it. Like it or not, Munsch is going to reach right into your chest, pull out your still-beating heart, and squeeze out some tears.

If, somehow, you don't feel anything, then congratulations! You have a heart of pure stone and should pursue a career that will take advantage of your lack of a soul... like guillotine operator or investment banker.

Happy Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Hey nice blog!

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Liz Allman said...

What? This book is more like a slasher film in the sense that it gives me nightmares. I don't care how much my mother loves me, the day she shows up at my window with a ladder is the day i have her declared incompetent and put her in the home.