19 May 2009

Cloudy No More!

A while ago, I posted about Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, pointing out some of the delightfully bizarre illustrations, one of which was what appeared to be baby heads stuck to the front of a garbage truck.

Well, Ron Barrett left a comment setting the record straight:

"I illustrated this book. To clarify the heads: sanitation workers in New York City find dolls in the trash place the heads on the the rods at the front corners of their trucks which they use to navigate through tight spots. One can also see teddy bears on the radiator grills. What the reader sees is the work of playful garbagemen, not sadistic maniacs."

So, there you have it! Mystery solved! Thanks, Ron!

Note: In case Mr. Barrett is reading again, I didn't actually think that the garbagemen were sadistic maniacs--or that the town of Chewandswallow was a brutal totalitarian regime... :)

13 May 2009

Miss Nelson Is Missing: The Movie

Cause it's only a matter of time, right?

IMDB entry

User rating:

Director: Clint Eastwood
Writer: Henry Allard
Artistic Director: James Marshall

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Tagline: "Their teacher is missing... and they have no one to blame but themselves."

Plot: When their teacher (Drew Barrymore) mysteriously disappears, the students (led by Dakota Fanning and Bobb'e J. Thompson) enlist the help of a hapless detective (Seth Rogan) to track her down.

05 May 2009

In the Night Kitchen

Maurice Sendak's classic In the Night Kitchen, re-released as a memoir:

From Publisher's Weekly: Bourdain's latest behind-the-scenes memoir is another no-holds-barred adventure into the surreal underbelly of the restaurant industry. And never one to shy away from controversy, the rebellious Bourdain writes with two objectives in mind: shock and awe. There is one particularly bizarre scene involving full frontal nudity and getting "baked" in the kitchen that is sure to cause a stir among those with a more sensitive palette... but the rest of us should settle in for the meal of a lifetime. With Bourdain and Sendak in the night kitchen, you're guaranteed to have your cake and eat it too.

04 May 2009

Little Mole In Action (Figure)

The Story of the Little Mole in Search of Whodunnit has inspired the creative bunch over at Live 'n Learn to make their very own Little Mole action figure... how cool is that? They should get in touch with Holzwarth and Erlbruch to produce a whole line of these babies... throw in some creative use of tootsie rolls and you've got hours of zany educational fun!

01 May 2009

One more for good luck

From the Unnecessary Sequels cutting room floor, here is another honorable mention for your viewing pleasure. I was playing around with this idea while the judges were deliberating, but didn't actually finish it... thought you all might get a kick out of it anyway. This one is also courtesy of the unstoppable Kate Coombs:
The Very Bulimic Caterpillar: Caterpillars aren't supposed to be fat because fatness is unattractive, also it's unhealthy. One little caterpillar learns an important lesson in this colorful picture book about what to do if you feel waaaay too full!