04 March 2014

New Author Website

Photo by Danielle Lurie

Even though Let Me Finish! won't be published for a while now (scheduled for Summer 2016), I thought it would be good to have a simple and clean landing site in addition to this blog. 

So here is a first stab at an author website: minhlebooks.com.  (Note: I'm still hesitant to use the term "author" since nothing is up on the shelves yet... but I'm slowly getting over it.)  Please keep in mind that this is very much a work in progress... afterall, I have until 2016 to get it right.

03 March 2014

Announcement in Publisher's Weekly

This is my first time here, so it's fun to see the news about the book deal roll out... here is the announcement in Publisher's Weekly.

(Big thanks to Danielle Lurie for managing to extract a good author photo out of this extremely self-conscious subject.)