25 May 2015

The New Hip Hop: A Picture Book Playlist by C.G. Esperanza

Last week I asked the hyper-talented C.G. Esperanza to play DJ for the day and give us a picture book themed hip-hop playlist.  Jump over to the post on Book Riot (The New Hip Hop: A Picture Book Playlist by C.G. Esperanza) for the complete playlist, including a special performance of his electrifying debut Red, Yellow, Blue (and a Dash of White, Too!).

Red Yellow Blue

Social Media Panel

Last week I fortunate enough to be invited by the Children's Book Guild of D.C. to speak on a panel about Social Media with some great folks from First Book and National Geographic.  I took them at their word that I qualified as an "expert" and hopefully provided some useful insight beyond just, "I think of Twitter kind of like a Junior High Dance... I'm excited to be there, but also really nervous and terrified that I'm going to say something stupid that will be the end of me."

Celebrity Selfie Book Club

Note: This post first appeared in Book Riot on May 18, 2015

“Hey, I’m having a really great time with you.  Let’s capture the moment by taking a se… cond to read together from my favorite book.”
Inspired in part by the hilariously random Self Pop Tart meme from a few years ago, I thought it’d be fun (and equally random) to find pictures of people taking selfies and replacing the phones with, of course, books.
The result is surprisingly sweet. Look at how excited they all are to be reading!  Now just imagine if everyone felt this way about sharing their favorite books.
(Warning: I think this is actually how most Book Riot Contributors are in real life, so be careful if you see one of us walking down the street.)
mario lopez tyra banks selfie book
tom hanks steve martin selfie book

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 10, 2014

Oscar book-selfie

Diddy Selfie