10 September 2012

Be Still My Nerdy Heart

A beautiful infographic by Jan Avendano capturing all the relationships in the Phantom Tollbooth.

Books about books: 'Mr. Morris Lessmore' and the enduring importance of print

Having been perched atop the bestseller lists, "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore" is William Joyce's love note to books and tugs at the heartstrings of bibilophiles everywhere.  Which is ironic because "Morris Lessmore" is actually based on an Oscar-winning computer-animated film that was then converted into an iPad app before finally making its way to the printed page.
Despite its origins in modern technology, "Morris Lessmore" is a welcome addition to an increasing number of books about the importance of books. As the picture book world evolves and adapts to new technologies (most prominent picture books have YouTube trailers and tie-in apps these days), authors are taking the time to remind us that despite the sparkle and swipe of the newest app, there will always be a need for the unique pleasures of print.  (Read the rest at PageViews)

07 September 2012

Nerds and Neanderthals

America makes a clear distinction between bookish types and football types. The Nerd vs. Neanderthal dichotomy is a cornerstone of American culture (at least in American culture as presented in high school TV shows).  
But the truth is that football and literature do not occupy separate realms. As any fan knows, football is driven by drama of the game. Each week’s contests are served up with a mythological importance: Epic battles between the forces of good and evil; tales of impossible redemption colliding with heartbreaking falls from grace; traitors conspiring in the shadows of egomaniacal tyrants. And all of that is just on the New York Jets. 
So to help you make sense of this upcoming season, here is a literary guide to the 2012 NFL season, wherein we identify some of the most compelling storylines and narratives from each team and its literary equivalent.  While only one team’s season will have a truly happy ending  —every team will emerge with a few good stories to tell.  (Read more here at Page Views)