27 August 2008

It's Official: Bottom Shelf Booked!

So yes, I have dropped off the face of the planet for a while. But now that our wedding is officially in the history books, I'm hoping to get back on the ball soon. (I'm hoping that marriage won't take the edge off of my juvenile sense of humor.)

For those of you who were wondering, everything went off even better than we could have imagined: perfect weather, beautiful ceremony, GREAT party... it reminded us that we are truly blessed with amazing friends and family. And in case you're curious as to what a Big Fat Jewish Buddhist Vietnamese American California Wedding looks like, you can get a taste of it with these preview pics at the AHS Photography site, courtesy of Amy and Aaron, the dynamic duo that helped document the day for us!

Now, time to head back to the bookstore/library to see what I've been missing out on this past month!