19 September 2013

Let's Put James Franco on All the Book Covers

[Note: I originally posted this on Book Riot.]
Last week, when presented with the As I Lay Dying movie tie-in with James Franco on the cover, the internet let out a collective groan. On the one hand, the outrage is understandable. It is a pretty silly cover. On the other hand, is this really worthy of our righteous indignation?
I say, instead of resisting we embrace the ridiculousness and put James Franco on ALL the book covers. Who’s with me?
To help you ease into this brave new world, here are 10 Franco-fied classics for your suddenly smoldering bookshelf:
letters from the earth featuring James Franco

A Room with a View featuring James Franco

Love in the time of cholera featuring James Franco

The Last Temptation of Christ featuring James Franco

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter featuring James Franco

Are You There God? It's Me Margaret featuring James Franco
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  • And then there was this from Judy Blume herself (apparently she approves):

    11 September 2013

    Mr. Tiger Goes Wild: An Example of Perfect Book Design

    One of my favorite things about picture books is there are so many design elements in play, offering tons of potential for fun little wrinkles.  Exhibit A: Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. 

    The awesomely illustrated book is about a tiger (Mr. Tiger) who is tired of being proper.  He bucks social convention and sheds his suits to go au naturale.  It's a fun and well-executed story and definitely a Caldecott frontrunner.  If there is one thing that might put it over the top, it is this ingenious book design that playfully captures spirit of the book.

    Dust Jacket On
    Dust Jacket Off
    That might be the most perfect use of the dust jacket I have ever seen.  The physical act of taking off the dust jacket reveals the tiger's bare skin to cleverly mirror the story--a brilliant design. Bravo.