10 March 2007


Author/Illustrator: David Wiesner

In this Caldecott award winner (Wiesner's third!), a boy playing at the beach finds a camera that's been washed ashore. After developing the film, he discovers that the pictures reveal a surreal world hiding deep beneath the ocean's surface. The illustrations have a vibrant cinematic quality, and the fact that there are no words makes the book extremely friendly to the vocabulary-challenged. However, the book does force you to ask... what is this thing called "film"? And if the camera were adrift in the ocean, wouldn't that damage the memory card and erase all the picture files? If not, what is the ideal number of megapixels for capturing a portrait of a mermaid on the ocean floor under poor lighting conditions?

But i repeat... film? Come again?

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Unknown said...

this one sounds really cool. did the film not get damaged by sand or water? i damaged a camera (though, digital!) beyond repair by bringing it to the beach and having sand get all up in its crevices, which we all know is never a pleasant experience.

do you go out and purchase all of these books? does that not get expensive?

with this love of books you have going, maybe you should consider working in a library. have i ever shown you the poem i wrote about my dream jobs? you might like it.