20 April 2007

My Friend Rabbit

Author/Illustrator: Erich Rohmann

"My friend Rabbit means well. But whatever he does, wherever he goes, trouble follows." Through boldy drawn illustrations and a parade of colorful characters, Rohmann's book shows us the importance of having patience with our friends, even though they may sometimes get us into sticky situations with their zany antics... that's what makes them unique!

For an example of this in real life, one need look no further than the moral lighthouse that is our President. Bush has a friend very much like Rabbit... whatever he does, wherever he goes, trouble follows... and his name is Alberto Gonzales. Despite his continued troubles, Bush steadfastly sticks up for his friend, repeatedly telling the press that he still has the utmost confidence in Gonzales. This despite the fact that our attorney general's greatest strength appears to be his ability to not remember--as anyone who watched the hearings yesterday knows, he apparently cannot recall a damn thing. While the President's continued friendship may be personally reassuring, Gonzales is continuing to feel the heat--but don't feel bad Alberto... you are not the first to taste the bitter sting of presidential friendship.

The Fate of Other Presidential Superfriends:

Donald Rumsfeld: Publicly disgraced, he is now retired and spends his days with his hooka and bongo drum, working on his surrealist poetry.

Lewis "Scooter" Libby: Also tried to use the "I don't remember" legal defense to protect his friends. Now the fall guy is scooting his way to a jail cell near you. He can only hope that his buddies return the favor by giving him a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Paul Wolfowitz: Again, Whatever he does, wherever he goes, trouble follows...

Texas Rangers: Perpetually sucky.

Kenneth Lay:
Ummm... they were never really friends anyway. Now he's dead.

So I guess the secondary moral of the story is that sometimes friendship isn't all it's cracked up to be. Run, Rabbit! Run!

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