25 April 2008

Can Leo the Late Bloomer Guide the Celtics to the Championship?

The Sports Guy compares the Celtics young point guard Rajon Rondo to Leo the Late Bloomer.

An excerpt:

"Not only has Rajon Rondo's belated emergence been the most fascinating subplot of a storybook Celtics season, but he's just like the character in that book. Like Leo, Rondo never spoke. Like Leo's father, Celts fans spent an inordinate amount of time wondering when Rondo would "draw" (in this case, play with consistency) or "write" (in this case, bang home open jumpers). Leo had patient parents who believed in him; Rondo had veterans such as Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, role models who provided the confidence and toughness he desperately needed, eventually springing him from his on-court shell and altering the course of his career."

Read the full article here. Next week he uses Kevin Sherry's I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean! to put the New England Patriot's failed bid for an undefeated season into perspective.

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