19 September 2007

Ferdinand In The Spotlight

From the flowerpatch to the Guinness Book of World Records, Ferdinand is about to hit it big! Our favorite bull and the revered symbol of pacifism is now also a champion for early education. Jumpstart, an organization whose goal is to goal is to "build literacy, language, social, and initiative skills in young children", has called upon Ferdinand to rally people all over the world to raise money for their cause.

Tomorrow (September 20th) is the Jumpstart's Read for the Record Campaign where "hundreds of thousands of children and adults will read the same book [The Story of Ferdinand] on the same day, as part of this record-breaking campaign, and aim to raise more than $1 million for early education programs in low-income communities. "

Hundreds of thousands?! Talk about a load of bull! (pun unfortunately intended) To read more about this, go to Jumpstart's website. And since you want to re-read Ferdinand anyways, you might as well register and be a part of a world record while you're at it! It's much easier than eating 37 cockroaches in a minute or sitting in a bathtub with 76 snakes.


Shaping Youth said...

No bull! They made a million in their inaugural campaign and have some heavy hitters involved...As I mentioned in our Shaping Youth blog post, social media could give this worthy project for preschool parity a much needed jab in the side. (and yes, the whole bullfighting bit is barbaric to me, though I hold no disdain for our lil' Ferdinand sniffin' and whiffin' his posies. Love the guy. Read on! "Write on!"

24 hours 'til 'showtime'---See you (virtually) tomorrow.

btw: Here's our post w/some other literary links for kids you might like too: http://www.shapingyouth.org/blog/?p=648

tanita✿davis said...

Well, if not 'hundreds of thousands,' it'll be... um, us.

But okay, I'm there.