13 September 2007

Characters In Search Of A Story Contest

Ironic Sans (a new favorite site) is holding a contest.

Author/Illustrator Adam Rex has a feature on his blog called Characters in Search of a Story. Below is my favorite.

"MR. BABY, The Boy With No Birthday"

The rules of the contest are simple. People submit names of characters in search of stories and then people vote for their favorite. Rex will then make an illustration based on the winning entry. Predictably, there is a lot of ultra-goofiness there (including my last minute entry, Gravy Boat Charlie: 364 Days A Year With Nothing To Do).

It's funny stuff and worth checking out. So get out and vote! (Polls are open until midnight EST Friday.) Be a part of the democratic process! It'll be a good practice for 2008... especially since those candidates will be just as goofy. Who would you rather get your vote, Mike Huckabee or Captain Hyde N. Seik?

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