19 February 2007

Runaway Bunny

Author: Margaret Wise Brown
Illustrator: Clement Hurd

The classic heartwarming tale of a rambunctious young bunny looking to run away and see the world, only to have his mother reassure him that no matter where he goes, she will be there to get him because he will always be her "little bunny". In the end, the bunny concedes and decides not to go anywhere.

It'd be interesting to see if the mother is singing the same tune in 30 years when her "little bunny" is 32 years old and still living in the basement because he can't navigate the outside world without his mommy.


vi said...

Big Brother with a cotton tail and buck teeth? creepy.

Minh said...

are you talking 1984 Big Brother? or YOUR big brother? If it's the latter, I am far from living at home in the basement... I still have a solid $34 in the bank.

Unknown said...

I discovered this book when Ashley was little...will she ever come home once she has left the (very comfortable) nest??? Hmmm...
Great entries, Minh! I'm savoring them a couple at a time! I also sent it to Tyson and my Mom.