16 February 2007

Not a Box

Author/Illustrator: Antoinette Portis

Very simple, very cute. Cleverly designed to look and feel like a cardboard box, Portis and her rabbit defiantly remind us of the joys of using a simple object like a cardboard box as a springboard for the imagination. (Kind of like a precursor to the XBox but more engaging and less carpal tunnel.)

Used correctly, this book could also save you a significant amount of money come holiday season. Give this book to your kids sometime right after Halloween. Then when the holidays roll around, they won't be as disappointed when they find out that all their gifts are corrugated. It's a risky move, as your children may remember that as the day they started resenting you as a parent. But would you rather spend $69.99 on an obnoxious stuffed animal that will wear away your soul one day at a time? The choice is yours.

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