16 October 2007

Robert's Snow

"Robert's Snow is a children's story about a mouse not allowed in the snow. Children's book illustrator Grace Lin wrote the book, which was inspired by her husband Robert's battle with Ewing's sarcoma. After the book was published, Grace gathered artists from all over the children's book illustrating community to create special snowflakes to be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting sarcoma research at Dana-Farber. These snowflake auctions became known as the event Robert's Snow."

It's all pretty amazing. You can check out the snowflakes here. And some more here. And even more here! Wow, so many snowflakes! So much love! Bidding starts in November. So you have a chance to own (or give, if you're feeling generous) an original piece of art from one of your favorite artists and contribute to a worthy cause. Everyone wins!

As someone new to the kid's lit world, it's also pretty awesome to see all these people come together for a good cause. Through the coordinated effort of the kidslitosphere, you can find interviews with the illustrators participating in Robert's Snow sprinkled all over the web. Behold the power of the internet. This would definitely not work in the days of the carrier pigeon. For a consolidated list of interviews, go here. Now. Go!

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