13 March 2008

Bottom Shelf Properties: Featured Listing


This charming property may be a "little" house, but it has a big heart. It is strong and well-built and has withstood several relocations (Disclosure: there may be some wear and tear from city living). Classic design will transport you back to a more innocent time. Extremely motivated seller. No bid is too low! Will basically accept any offer to avoid foreclosure.

For more information, contact:

Real Estate Agent Virginia L. Burton


Saints and Spinners said...

I think about The Little House every time I visit my guitar teacher's house. He has a lovely yellow house with character AND it has a studio out back. He has townhouses on either side of his house. This is becoming more and more of a common sight in Seattle.

Minh said...

I blame Fraser and Niles for the overdevelopment of Seattle. And for the overdevelopment of metrosexuality.

Anonymous said...

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Kyra said...

Funny! Love the real estate angle!

Best, Kyra