09 February 2015

Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise (EXCLUSIVE TRAILER PREMIERE)

I'm excited to reveal the trailer for one of my favorite picture books of the year, Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise (by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Jean Jullien).  With a sense of humor that will sneak up on readers of all ages, this gem from Candlewick stars a hungry owl with a healthy self-confidence and a flair for the dramatic (he provides his own narration as he flies through the "dark enormousness of the night" in search of food).

Personally, I think the suspenseful trailer (which is complete with blaring trumpets befitting a Christopher Nolan movie) is spot on because I've been reading this book using a faux In a World movie trailer voice--which naturally makes this my favorite read aloud of the year.

So enjoy the trailer and be on the lookout for Hoot Owl on a shelf near you.  Not that you'll be able to spot him, of course.  They don't call him the Master of Disguise for nothing.

Note: I'm far from the only one who has fallen for the lovable (if slightly delusional) Hoot Owl.  Check out these glowing reviews from Kirkus (via fellow Nibling Jules) and the Wall Street Journal.

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Kerry Schultz said...

ohh my! well what to say but a sigh of excitement. lol forst the title then your review. this id definitely in my top book list of purchases. now all I hope is I find a copy of it soon in my locals