02 April 2013

"Best Books We Read In March" (@BookRiot)

Book Riot asked contributors to choose the best book we read this month.  My choice was A. M. Homes' "The Safety of Objects", but you should go check out the full post--lots of good stuff there.

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safety of objects a.m. homes
The Safety of Objects by A. M. Homes
I often hear great writers described as surgeons, but I think of A.M. Homes more as a dentist (and I mean that in the best possible way). In her 1990 collection, The Safety of Objects, she explores the quiet desperation of suburbia, shining a blinding and unflattering light right in your face as she pokes, prods, and excavates with her sharp and sinister tools. She also (like my dentist, at least) uses humor to temper the discomfort–and that’s when she busts out the drill. These stories are uncomfortable but necessary, and leave you disoriented, numb, and desperate for a lollipop.

(Important Tip: DO NOT read the back cover. It commits the cardinal sin of revealing just a bit too much and diffuses some of the suspense.)

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