19 March 2013

Guest Post @BookRiot: Metafictional Children's Literature

Here's another guest post at Book Riot on my soft spot for metafictional children's literature:

Whether it’s the overlapping narratives of Cloud Atlas, the intricate puzzle of a Calvino novella, or the cheap thrills of The Matrix, I am a sucker for mind-bending entertainment—particularly stories from that curious subset called metafiction.
Describe a book as labyrinthine and I’m a goner. Tell me that a story resembles Russian nesting dolls and I’m putty in your hands.  Break down the fourth wall and I’ll be on the other side waiting for you with open arms and a cup of coffee.

 (Read the full post HERE at BookRiot.)


Storywraps said...

I remember reading this book to my kids a million times. The Monster at the End of this Book was a hit and they screamed every time when we came to the last page. I true classic. Thanks for reminding me of the good times I had reading it aloud to my kids.

Minh said...

Thanks Marilyn! Glad you enjoyed the post (and that it stirred up some pleasant memories)!