20 April 2012

Moving, kinda.

Moving to the more elegant web address: www.bottomshelfbooks.net.

(Note: Also, switched to a new template which may mess up the formatting for old posts.)

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Evertaster said...

Hi Minh, I'm curious if you accept advance reader copies? I couldn't find an email to contact you with, however, there is a fun and new tween book coming to Amazon (both ebook and paperback) June 14th. Looking through your blog, it appears this could be a good fit.

It's called Evertaster. It is the story of 11 year-old Guster Johnsonville who, after rejecting his mother’s casserole for the umpteenth time, learns of a legendary taste rumored to be so delicious that whoever finds it will never want to eat anything else again. A good thing too, since his mom Mabel can’t seem to make him anything he’ll eat. So begins a perilous journey across the globe with celebrity homemakers as allies and sinister chefs foes. Soon the Johnsonvilles will discover that their search is more than just a quest to satisfy Guster's cravings -- it is a quest that could change humanity forever.

Evertaster is the first novel for tweens in Trident Media Group’s soon-to-launch line of original ebooks. It will also be available in paperback. You can read more about it at www.facebook.com/Evertaster. If interested please contact me at publicity@evertaster.com and I can arrange to send you a book.

Serene Katschke