11 June 2009

A is for Angst

I saw this book by Joost Ellfers and was immediately reminded of Miranda July's 2008 bestselling book of short stories: No One Belong Here More Than You.

Upon further inspection, the two books are actually very similar, deftly mixing heavy doses insecurity and angst with hints of charm and quirk. I thought it was just a coincidence until I saw this picture of July:

The resemblance is uncanny. Could there be a secret Joost-July alliance that we're not aware of? If not, should we request one?

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Kate Coombs said...

A further eerie coincidence: at first glance, I thought your post title said "A is for August." And I thought, "It's not August yet." But then, it isn't July, either. Irrelevant, or post-post-post-double-dog-dare-you-modern?